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Same here, but then i remembered Rumiko Takahashi used many hair colors for her characters in manga tankobon covers. Ukiyo was much easier to recognize.
Makes an old fart otaku somewhat moved to see young cosplayers make older anime characters like these 2 from Ranma Nibunnoichi. Guess it was a classic, i loved it very much in early 90?s.

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  • Top 20 Anime Couples:
    For same sex couples, i would name Kei & Yuri, The Dirty Pair or Lovely Angels. You can call them for Lovely Pairs(!) or Dirty Angels as well!!!

  • Top 20 Anime Couples:
    Not me. Never!

  • Top 20 Anime Couples:
    They belong to top ten in my books for sure!

  • Top 20 Anime Couples:
    My 1st choice is Lum The Invader & Ataru Moroboshi. 2.Tenchi Misaki & Ryohko The Space Witch 3.Lina Inverse & Gourry Gabriev That was couples for medal podium. I like couples in newer anime too, but classics take top positions for me!

  • Rail Wars! Train Harem Anime:
    I am train otaku too. This is the most excellent anime!


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