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So many licakble armpits!

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  • Top 20 Anime Tsundere:
    I prefer the non violent tsundere like Aya from Kiniro Mosaic and Aki from Photo Kano. The only time the violent one was acceptable to me was Mio from MM! (because EVERYONE in that show had a personality quirk cranked up to 11) and Kirino because her being a bitch to her brother in the beginning made it just like way some sisters treat their brothers in real life.

  • Rail Wars! Train Harem Anime:
    FYI Same character designer as Witchblade and Dragonaut.

  • Hanayamata Chaotic Yuri Anime:
    I want to lick Hannah’s navel.

  • Sabagebu Crazy Airsoft Comedy:
    This show reminds me of Softenni. That show even had an emotionless girl with blue hair who was into cosplay as well.

  • Locodol Redundant Idol Anime:
    Those girls need to beehave. Also that licking her finger was so hot.


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