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lol no if you ever visit akibahara then u’ll see the massive ammount of cosplays you can buy. There’s one store ( forget the name) the most popular one im pretty sure its like 9 level or something. anyway they have a massive massive range of premade cosplays, and ofcourse they are usually up to date with current airing stuff. Asians are just better cause they are better with hair and makeup as well. And know what suits them i would think.

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  • Nyanko Days Ends Adorably:
    Hey, I just state facts. Just look at the last picture. It shows why the adorable Maa is best Nyanko and everyone knows it. Cutest creature of all time. Rou will never be best Nyanko as long as Maa exists. Teehee

  • Musou Stars Jiggles Harder Than Ever:
    The belief that it would make anyone mad sounds like wishful thinking and you mistaking pity for rage.

  • Nyanko Days Ends Adorably:
    Rou is a Russian hacker

  • Musou Stars Jiggles Harder Than Ever:
    plastic army soldiers, as far as i could tell.

  • Kemono Friends Finale – “When is Season 2?”:
    Hopefully they can get it together with the animation if they make a season two. The big fight was pretty pathetic and there’s several scenes where the girls are standing in a group and most of them are standing in the same exact neutral pose with their arms by their side like you just loaded their model up into the program.


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