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Go on, find for us about a Japanese anime character, which indeed behaves strictly as a nun.

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    You see, you are in total rightness. Modern consoles can blow a load graphic ok. But let me see the games… CALL OF DUTY: 15 titles published… HALO: 9 titles published… METAL GEAR: 31 titles published… ELDER SCROLLS: 5 (+ 7 expansions) published… SNIPER ELITE: 3 titles published… FINAL FANTASY: 53 titles published… LEGO something: 35 titles published. Well, if you just want stunning graphic, you will be higly rewarded. But if you want new games, be prepared: You will be highly …

  • MS Admits Xbox One Drive Fault:
    Listen: I honestly do not give a fuck about graphics, and certainly do not want to spend $500 just because the graphics are awesome, the sound is is in 9.1 channels, and [Put an Award winner actor, or someone else of that kind] dubbed it. I want to play with NEW GAMES, not with NEW CONSOLES…

  • MS Admits Xbox One Drive Fault:
    Everybody knows that: XBOXONE —> VCR PS4 —> HEATER

  • MS Admits Xbox One Drive Fault:
    So basically you’re all saying that to keep on playing with the same old titles (just the number that follows change), I have to waste another 500$ “Una-Tantum” and get a broken machine ? Excuse me, I keep on playing “Candy Crush” on my iPhone…

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    Well, you can always use your new PS4 as a stove, with no need of extra expenses for one of them…


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