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#105 I just laughed so freaking hard. Nichijou is the best

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  • Comiket 86 “The Skimpiest Yet”:
    can someone tell me what #114 even is> weirdest looking shit ever

  • JK Beheads Classmate, Posts Pics on 2ch:
    We’ve got no clues about the per. we don’t even have a sus because the sec with a mo’s got a perf al

  • Chuunibyou 2: “What Have KyoAni Done To Her!?”:
    seriously though… what kind of trauma did she go through for that to happen? Even changing the way she talked..must have been pretty bad oh wait nah she just did the fusion dance with Kazari.

  • Even More Comiket 85 Day 2 Cosplay:
    whats is #29 and #94 from? its the same girl also FFXIV white mage is awesome! go #72

  • Tokyo Motor Showgirls “Driving People Crazy”:
    Man picture 83 shows just how different Japan is than anywhere else all the girls standing there politely, their hands all in the same position taking PRIDE in their work and happy to be there.(supposedly) If it was in america those bitches be like standing around not giving a fuck talking and carrying on and then acting like they are supposed to when someone walks up to the booth. Ive been to many cars shows and sen it happen.


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