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Loved this:

1) McDonalds Girl
2) Ronald McDonald w/ McDonalds Girl
3) Ronald McDonald gets raeped by a banana
4) Ronald McDonald gets gangraeped
5) McDonalds Girl is lovin’ it~

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  • Nyaruko Pool Service Anime:
    Evidently, the creator of this series watches far too much kamen rider.

  • Jesus Christ Runs Tokyo Marathon 2012:

  • Comiket 81 “Now Fujoshiket” “Touhou Should Be Expelled!”:
    I think they should try to limit the maximum number of circles dedicated to a single series to around 750-1000. If there are a lot of circles dedicated to one series they should then recommend breaking off into their own specialised events. They definitely SHOULD NOT be just outright banned, that’s just plain stupidity.

  • “Finally – You Can Lose Your Virginity To Your PC!”:
    Here cometh the end of man. The scary thing is, I’m not joking. Wasn’t there a Futurama episode about all of society as we know it crumbling because we learnt how to sex robots?

  • Mangaka Kei Aoyama Commits Suicide – “I Have No Regrets”:
    Damn, he was a talented artist. Why would he commit suicide? I can never understand anyone who has so much going for themselves just to off themselves. When I once contemplated suicide as a teenager (as you do when you’re a teenager) I realised that I didn’t want to die because there are so many things I’ve never had – I’ve never experienced a loving relationship, sex, raising a family. Now I have even less reason to die because I’ve finally found out my dream; to become a writer. I can’t die …


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