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Thighs? the “discolorations” is shadow from an arm.

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  • Life-Size Mumei Figure An Absolute Marvel:
    She’s pretty developed for being 12years old.

  • Criminal Girls 2 Even Has Gameplay:
    Its about the content in the games you moron. There is quite a clearly line on what it takes to get AO, and CG-2 does NOT have that content, just like Gal Gun and the rest. This is just one example where it is explained a bit how the ratings board works and how NISA is lying through their teeth if they say it needs to be cut/censored to make the M rating.

  • Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru Full of Cute Girls:
    “never see a western release considering previous declarations” Doesn’t mean shit, Meganep still came out and was/is great. However, it being Free to play is probably more of an indicator on whether it will come out in the west or not.

  • Attention Seeker Arrested For Crying Lion:
    No, they can stay.

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions DLC Tamer Than Ever:
    Anon@08:28 That is the most illogical thing I’ve read in quite a while. I shouldn’t have to buy another console, with the Japanese version of the game, and LEARN Japanese to get the original version that was intended for the game to be, before corporate fucks decided to censor it because “oh it might offend those fragile westerners”


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