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  • Dragon Ball Super “A New Super Saiyan Form!?”:
    I hope goku and vegeta fusion and fight against black goku and zamasu fusion and the son or daughter of trunks and mai appears from future and transform in super saiyan 5 god with white hair and fusion with vegetto and defeat the fusion of black goku and zamasu and save the world and then start to repopulate the earth with goku vegeta and trunks to make more saiyans to protect the future of earth.

  • Top 20 Most Irritating Shonen Jump Heroines:
    i can understand everything but 1 and 6..

  • Top 20 Most Irritating Shonen Jump Heroines:
    I am compelled to disagree with you, but for some reason, I feel that the correct interaction with you would be to place a hand on your shoulder, give you a thumbs up with the other, and nod my head in acknowledgement.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics Anime Goods “Already Available!?”:
    They are sending out new cards for everyone anyway. When you install these Verifone Terminals it becomes a pain. Why can’t we be like the UK? Fix your shit Mastercard!

  • Top 20 Most Irritating Shonen Jump Heroines:
    She can be a bit trying, but when you consider how much Bulma has contributed in the grand scheme of things, she is a badass.


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