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They forgot Teresa from Claymore again…

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  • Top 20 Tragic Anime Heroines:
    Finally! A list I can, for the most part, agree with! Well done…I think.

  • Top 20 Tragic Anime Heroines:
    Madoka…Madoka…Madoka, I’m surprised they didn’t just put the main lineup of the show in here for christ sake

  • Top 20 Tragic Anime Heroines:
    Yes, every magical girl in Puella Magi Madoka Magica got fucked over by a certain…dog bunny alien thing…

  • Top 20 Tragic Anime Heroines:
    Shana is another one that belong at least top 10. Knowing that everyone you are allowed to meet is a torch, I.E. going to disappear from everyone’s memories soon, is pretty goddamn depressing.

  • Top 20 Tragic Anime Heroines:
    yah me too and Christina Mackenzie from Mobile Suit Gundam: War in the pocket I can also add Misa of Death Note

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  • KyoAni & DO Fan Days 2015 PV Fully Moe:
    Kyoto Animation is a company run by fujoshi for fujoshi. Everything they’ve done recently has been gay. I’m sick of male characters with ear piercings wearing ridiculous knitted sweaters. Bring back the moe girls only anime! I don’t know why Kyoto Animation stuff sells so well when it’s mostly crap. There are far better studios like Doga Kobo, Studio Gokumi and White Fox.

  • Casual Caster Figure:
    Take my money

  • Casual Caster Figure:
    dem thighs and legs!

  • Danganronpa Another Episode Dub Atrocious As Ever:
    @Chen-04 They specifically stated countries without dubbing so Norway counts also more than a little sure that they dubbed the “Lord of the Rings” and “Iron Man” but will verify. Also Arabic seems to be a joint UAE-Egypt endeavor. The number of countries that don’t is also misleading as 15 of the top 20 most populated countries produce a dub. All totaled 60-70 percent of the population could have watched a dub in their first language.

  • Top 10 Love Live! Karaoke Songs:
    No Darling by Maki? Shit list


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