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Average cosplays in china are MUCH better than the states. Believe me I’ve been to lots.

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  • Hidan no Aria AA Anime Announced:
    Reminds me of how Hayate the Combat Bulter stopped being interesting after they switched to the side-story… (I know that being a fan of that show 70+ episodes, and suddenly getting that… hugely disappointed.) And then there’s the Raigun side-story… In my opinion, that may have been great for the girl’s point of view, but for someone who got into Index, having the side story instead of an Index III kind of killed the show for me. I’m sure this will be no different. For those who like …

  • Jutaijima Pretty Perverse:
    I’d kill for another Bible Black series. Hell, I’ll kill for another Bible Black Only episode! As long as they maintain the character designs and quality animation Id follow them anywhere.

  • Grisaia no Kajitsu English Visual Novel Kickstarted:
    I love it when a game gets translated so it can be enjoyed by “kawaii desu nee” casuals like me who can’t stand H scenes. I mean, who even wants to fap to 2d girls. NOT ME, OBVIOUSLY (;・∀・) Not to mention the CHEAP pledge amounts required for desirable unofficial goods. Sekai Project is the best! hue

  • Furry Convention Stopped by Poison Gas Attack:
    The people on here trying to make excuses for bestiality and pedophilia are the ones that should get a face full of chlorine gas.

  • Furry Convention Stopped by Poison Gas Attack:
    Anyone that finds cum-covered figurines sexy needs professional help.


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