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Don’t be fooled by the CHinamen. They have no souls.

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  • Love Stage Complete Crossdressing Anime:
    No worries cos I will

  • Zankyou no Terror Truly Explosive:
    “I didn’t realize only Lain could use crows in OP.” No-one said that. But it does look like they ripped off a far better series.

  • Love Stage Complete Crossdressing Anime:
    So because only one is focused on then that means things directly unmentioned are OK? Cool.

  • Love Stage Complete Crossdressing Anime:
    Russia is not homophobic. That’s just activist propaganda. They just don’t want adults to indoctrinate children into trying out homosexual sex. Gay bars, strip clubs, gay porn and so on are legal and available in Russia. You won’t get arrested for being gay in Russia. But like they don’t want people to push pot smoking on kids (and pot smoking I assume is harmless) they don’t want kids to be taught that trying gay sex is something they should do. When they become adults they can have all the …

  • Love Stage Complete Crossdressing Anime:
    My basis for argument.The hebrew god approves of yuri but not homo, its in the bible.Look it up


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