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I miss mostly Alleyne then Nanael and Menace…

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  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Story Trailer Rather Redundant:
    Now we just need Skyward Sword HD before the release of the new Zelda game by the end of the year

  • Top 10 Non-Gundam Mecha Anime:
    Aldnoah should be on the very bottom of the list.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake “Now An Action RPG!”:
    First one wasn’t much but the second was great

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake “Now An Action RPG!”:
    Hey if it’s anywhere near KH’s gameplay it’ll be awesome. Never really cared for FF7 that much, I’m an oldschool jrpg gamer but turn-based is not a necessity, it’s actually much better doing this finally feeling the action and actually controlling the characters.

  • Top 10 Sweetest Anime OPs:
    Kenshin definitely has one of the best OST ever. My favorite is definitely one of the background tracks from the OVAs, can’t remember the song name. The OP/ED are all awesome, it’s hard to choose one, I love 1/2 too but 1/3 no junjou na kanjou, dame, niji, it’s gonna rain… AHHH can’t choose hahaha I like the kyojin opening, it seems epic and fits the story style in my opinion.


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