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Narutards Rejoice: “Naruto Will Continue At Least a Year”


Fans of top ramen manga Naruto have been heartened to hear the title’s much feared ending will not come any time soon, and there are even hints it could drag on for decades in Bleach fashion

Naruto mangaka Masashi Kishimoto’s latest Jump interview:

Tell us about the original, do you have a clear line of sight to the final chapter?

It’s not all set in stone yet, but how it will end and how that ending will be shown is decided. We just have to run on to the end.

So, I’m curious about how much stuff is due until the ending?

Well, I can’t be sure of that… it’s gone forward far slower than was planned. 3 years ago at Jump Festa we said we’d make use of Kakashi, and we still haven’t done it.

Honestly, even I don’t know how much is left.

When asked how long it will go on, I said “about another year,” but it looks as if will continue longer.

Can you say if there are any surprises in store?

There’s all sorts. There are characters who haven’t really featured who will be coming out. And there is still a lot to happen with Naruto, so please keeping watching and reading until the end!


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