CrystalDiskInfo 5 “Shizuku Edition” Excessively Moe


SMART disk monitoring package CrystalDiskInfo’s special “Shizuku” edition has been attracting attention amongst otaku for letting cute little Shizuku watch over their disks and even offer suitably saccharine spoken warnings of impending data loss…



The software is available for free download from their homepage (an English version including her is available).

For those not familiar with it, SMART – Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology – is a monitoring system built into most modern computer hard drives and SSD, which attempts to predict drive failures and (if anyone bothers to check it) provide some warning of an impending drive failure.

Research by Google suggests SMART is only rarely able to accurately predict drive failure (and in fact 36% of their drives failed without ever generating a single SMART error and 56% of failed drives showed no significant errors), so relying on SMART monitoring is no substitute for a proper backup regime – although it may just provide a fine excuse to install Shizuku.



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