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“Unnecessary” I understand, “waste of resources to produce” I can get. These aren’t really relevant to already-complete software though, it’s too late.

And aren’t charts and graphs also a convenient visual representation of numerical data? Not that this glorified aquarium puts function before form, of course.

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  • Top 20 Anime Characters With Social Skills:
    Criteria lost in translation again, I expect. I wonder if Ayasaki Hayate, the butler, was suitable. He’s almost dully well-spoken, almost one-dimensionally honestpureboy.

  • Top 20 Anime Characters With Social Skills:
    Sometimes he’s well-behaved, balanced, exemplary behaviors for the young demographic. He’s outgoing and open. Not sure about putting him on the list, though.

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    Kinda the point of Maria Holic.

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    The caramelldansen phenomenon hinged on a tiny loop of a random floppy-ear dance gif, pulled from the Popotan OP. An eroge. Even has loli. I think the booru has the OP as an .swf Everyone was doing that shit. WoW modeled it into a dance animation. The booru has a sizable tag, Around the world you had people doing the dance from an eroge opening. And they had no idea. No. Idea. So fuck off with your SJW helicopter shit. Your posturing, self …

  • Crush Crush: Moist & Uncensored Hits Nutaku:
    Don’t, get speed multipliers. Ten extra blocks is maybe a +20% gain, since you acquire blocks with progression. Better to get a 4x mult and outright +300% gain. Or bigger yet. Also, I’m pretty sure by holding some you can demo premium outfits, then revert. This may require wiping backing up browser data, then delete->reinsert. And possibly unplugging to disable cloud save. I haven’t tested much. Or someone will have the art posted somewhere, whatever.


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