Comment on Japan’s Cyber-Attack System “Pure Ghost in the Shell” by Falos:

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“Unnecessary” I understand, “waste of resources to produce” I can get. These aren’t really relevant to already-complete software though, it’s too late.

And aren’t charts and graphs also a convenient visual representation of numerical data? Not that this glorified aquarium puts function before form, of course.

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  • Winning the 400m, Otaku Style: “True Showboating”:
    This. Being blatant comes AFTER you can back it up. There’s few situations where it makes sense to announce you’re a narutard. On top of that, you need to be careful (classy) about it. Then, just to not drag down the curve, it’s preferred that you’re wealthy, fit, clever, attractive, and/or somewhat prestigious (as in, just got named champion on a podium). Failing those, at least do it when you have some basic fucking hygiene and grooming in place.

  • JD Snapper Busted: “Photographing Women = Illegal”:
    @201409021057 His friends/family probably put several pictures of him online already. I hope he doesn’t do sports, or the team manager will have probably put a surprise picture of him in action online, without permission. Oh the shock, oh the horror, a scout might see it and recruit him with a full uni scholarship. Or worse yet, COMPLETE STRANGERS WILL KNOW WHAT HIS FACE LOOKS LIKE.

  • Clannad Gets Steam Release:
    While KS played gatekeeper and babby’s first for a lot of people, it was more of a passive extension that was picked up by the interested. Thus, the influx wasn’t /quite/ at a “casual surface-dweller” level. Throwing yourself into the Steam arena is a less humble entrance, so to speak. Yes, the shop and its consumers have already introduced VNs, but Clannad is a flagship title (among VNs anyway) and has a following. It will cause waves, and like every time the general public meets power level, …

  • Cops Bust Teens for MMO Cheating:
    “Hacking”? Did they gain illegal access to non-wild data? Perhaps a server that had dev source code? Or is the legal system throwing a word around so badly they might as well be arresting them for “magic”?

  • Touhou Otaku “Threatened To Burn Seiyuu Alive”:
    @10:05 GTS has been a standard quote denotation since the days of newsgroups. Decades later emails are still coded to quote with greater-than-symbols appended. I hope you don’t credit twitter with the above addressee line, either. On the other hand GP post was also doing that tired, inarticulate bullet shit.


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