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“Unnecessary” I understand, “waste of resources to produce” I can get. These aren’t really relevant to already-complete software though, it’s too late.

And aren’t charts and graphs also a convenient visual representation of numerical data? Not that this glorified aquarium puts function before form, of course.

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    I didn’t watch Midori no Hibi with any expectations and I thought it was fine, protags gave emotive acting. I bet the manga will give me feels.

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    I dunno if it’s “god tier”, but it was definitely a romance and definitely belongs more than a lot of this list.

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    Maybe, but it’ll be on the list because of the anime. And pedantically, I think the original article says top 20 “anime”.

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    >publicly staged post is “not your business” lol So either it’s an ironic shitpost to disrespect the deceased, or it’s a writing mistake. I think >>1879814 was going with the more generous choice.

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    If it feels irreverent, my wall of text up there may help. These “drawings” comprised at least a mildly (majorly?) substantial part of his life, of what the man named Tomohiro Matsu was.


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