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16-Year-Old Girl “Raped 85-Year-Old Continuously for 4 Years”


The story of a 16-year-old girl who “forced” an 85-year-old neighbour into paying her for sex for some 4 years has lately been causing much envy online.


According to reports, the Jiangsu province girl supposedly began secretly visiting the elderly man next-door (then 80) when she was 12, having sex with him for 20 yuan a time.

This state of affairs continued for 4 years until the authorities finally got wind of it, and she was arrested after they determined that she had “largely coerced” him into the arrangement, and she was reportedly handed a 5 year sentence.

The incident dates back to 2004, although it is not hard to see why Chinese Internet users are now of all times taking a renewed interest in the case given the material she apparently posted online:


Predictably, amongst Chinese and Japanese commentators, the reaction is as much one of envy as of shock…

Update: There are claims that both the original Chinese reports and follow-up reports contain various inaccuracies (although the pictures are at least real).

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