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I realize that GONZO DIGIMATION didn’t make the list. Could be because it’s kinda dead and stuff (well, if it wasn’t then it is now thanks to the J.C. STAFF team-up project Last Exile 2. Last Exile 2 didn’t even come close to being as breathtakingly brilliant as the first season, but despite that, I really think GONZO deseves SOME credit for its achievements in the Anime industry since a lot of 2000-2007 animes were heavily influenced by GONZO whether in part or in physical production. GONZO offered its 3D and 2D studios to help many anime studios up their game.

GONZO best noted for: Last Exile, Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo, Romeo X Juliet, Le Chevalier D’eon (also a Production I.G.), Read or Die, Chrono Crusade, Tower of Druaga, Kazuma no Stigma (sadly unfinished), and many more very vibrant series/ and movies alike.

If you have a past Anime between 2000 and 2007 that seems like the artwork is a bit above top-notch it may have had help from GONZO’s Digital animation department. I was surprised by how many anime GONZO was responsible for myself.

Then again, I was a pretty big fan of J.C.Staff as well. Might still be if they keep pulling things like FATE/ZERO off.

Not for nothing, but I really miss the days of GONZO DIGIMATION. I realize it was a studio that made countless mistakes from production to production, but to be fair, they spent a TON of money to make them.

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