The 9 articles of otaku paraphernalia most likely to creep out any girl – “even an otaku girl” – have been helpfully collated, and have been hailed online as an admirable guide to the path of perpetual virginity.

The listing:

1. A “moe dakimakura” they actually sleep with

2. Creepy female costumes – who is going to end up wearing that!?

3. “Moe anime posters” – can’t they be satisfied just watching this stuff?

4. They go so far as to stick idol badges on their clothes and bags

5. They have anime figures of girls in their pantsu – how exactly do they enjoy these?

6. However much you like a guy, you do not want to go for a ride with one in an “itasha”

7. Anime key rings – you want to be with them that badly?

8. Anime character wigs… do they sit around wearing them when they’re alone?

9. They have ranks of soft toys staring at you in their room

Even 2ch concedes that “anyone with 5 of those deserves caution!”


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    Terra Formars OVA Quite Gruesome
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