Comment on Sony Unveils Hatsune Miku Vita “You Can Stroke Her Thighs!” by Sazuko Toriyama:

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As if I didn’t already have enough of a reason to buy a Vita (“\( *o * )/”)
Sony & Sega~ you sly dogs you~ *sigh* August you say? there goes my refund check….

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  • Top 30 Anime Idols:
    LOL!! I love how AKB0048 is strictly absent from the list.

  • Top 30 Anime Idols:
    lol^ I love how the Post picture is of ‘Top Idol Miki Miki’ yet, she is actually #2 in the list XD lol, no one knows how the Hell Haruka won…

  • Top 30 Anime Idols:
    Well, if any consolation, In the IM@S world Miki Miki Becomes Top Idol! XD so guess they just wanted to make Haruka feel wanted? -being a main heroine and all…

  • Top 30 Anime Idols:
    ?? Top Idol Miki Miki is #2 brah~!

  • Top 30 Anime Idols:
    Top IDOL MIKI MIKI FTW~! She should be 1st! :O …but I just knew some how Haruka would still 1st ~_~; personally don’t really get her appeal~ And Why is Kanon-Chan #25!?!? o_O She should be WAY higher!


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