Korean Otaku “Marries Homura”


A Korean otaku has taken the hand of Akemi Homura in matrimony, disgusting commoners and annoying creepy otaku in both Japan and Korea.


Korean reactions range from questioning his sanity to questioning his patriotism.

It is hard to say whether the antipathy of Japanese online is down to him being a creepy otaku, being Korean, or merely being so presumptuous as to steal away dear little Homu-chan:

“Gross! And stop watching Japanese anime!”

“Creepy, how gross can you get?”

“Korea is too creepy!”

“You net-uyo bashing Japanophile Koreans are a disgrace. Racists!”

“You might as well marry a washboard. If I had to choose, I’d go for Kyoko…”

“This would be the Korean you guys.”

“So there are some interesting guys in Korea after all. Become more open and accept Gaga while you’re at it.”

“No way will I countenance my Homuhomu being stolen by some Korean!”

“If it were Japanese TV it would just be some fake setup, but with Korean TV it might be serious…”

“What ever happened to the guy who married Mikuru?”

“Someone else married his DS, didn’t he?”

“Homura is only interested in girls, so this is hopeless anyway.”

Fascinatingly, Homura fans were also recently voted the most desperate and obsessive of all such fans.

The case is of course also similar to that of another Korean otaku marrying his dakimakura in 2010 – it seems only a matter of time before somebody realises these fictional brides are actually underage child brides being sold into unlawful matrimony…

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