Harajuku Fashion “More Freakish Than Ever”



Harajuku’s latest and most extreme fashion tribes have been causing a stir online after recently being featured on Japanese TV.


Online there is not much appreciation for these daring fashionistas:


“Go back to the countryside!”

“Be realistic. These are like 0.05% of the people there.”

“Well, you can get away with this in Tokyo. I’ve seen a few on the trains, nobody bats an eyelid.”

“You can often see them on the Yamanote line on the weekends, and in Harajuku of course. It’s cool for them to group up in Harajuku and they seem to have a good time, but I feel a bit sorry for them thinking about them going home to the countryside all alone on the train dressed like that.”

“They say in the subs ‘we’re like western influenced’ – somehow I think not.”

“More like Blade Runner influenced.”

“They are more Heian than western…”

“Go and show off in the countryside instead of bothering Tokyo with your weird looks!”

“One’s 21 – no old women please.”

“It’s not fashion but a costume parade!”

“More like Halloween. Saying these are western influenced is like saying a foreigner running around dressed as a ninja and waving a sword is ‘Japan-influenced.'”

“This is just an escape route for uglies.”

“I think if a pretty girl did this it could be quite alluring… but they are all ugly and it is just guro.”

“Goth loli evolved.”

“This is basically like yamamba, but from the other side.”

“When I saw ganguro I just knew somebody would try it from the white side.”

“Well, I think expressing your true character through total fashion like this is cooler than trying to do it by just dying your hair.”

“If this gets circulated overseas they will all just think Japanese are totally infatuated with whites.”

“I think they will be reminded more of kabuki girls…”

“It’s nice that the capital is so liberal.”

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