Otaku Gang Rob & Burn Homes “To Buy AKB48 Tickets”


A gang of otaku who robbed and burnt dozens of properties in Tokyo have confessed that they committed their crimes so they could afford to attend AKB48 concerts and visit Akiba maid cafes.

Police in Tokyo’s Adachi city report 3 youths aged from 15 to 16, a 21-year-old man and another unidentified man, all NEETs, formed a gang known as “Five Guys” in order to perpetrate their crime spree.


Starting in October, they were behind approximately 60 burglaries of homes and offices throughout the Kanto region, typically targeting unlocked premises.

In one representative case, they gained entry to an Edogawa city man’s home by an unlocked window and made off with cash worth ¥630,000 and precious metals worth another ¥1,500,000. In total, they are thought to have stolen at least ¥5,300,000.

However, their antics did not stop at mere burglary – after breaking into one office in a Chiyoda residential neighbourhood, they became enraged after finding nothing worth stealing, and decided to take revenge on their victims by burning the building down, which resulted in the destruction of 200 square metres of office buildings.

The group admits their crimes, and report disturbing some truly disturbing motives:

“We wanted the money so we could play around at the maid cafes in Akihabara, and attend AKB48′s concerts there.”

They face a slew of arson and burglary charges, although as most of the group are minors harsh punishments are unlikely.

The low moral fibre of AKB48 fans is fast becoming the stuff of legend online – although whether semen handshakes come above or below arson and robbery is still not clear:

“As expected of AKB fans!”

“Are otaku really this dangerous!?”

“Creepy otaku are ready to go that far now?”

“Ban AKB already!”

“Are AKB concerts and maid cafes that good?”

“Let’s earn the money we spend in Akiba legally, everybody.”

“Five guys… isn’t that a bar chain or something?”

“Arson is worse than murder really!”

“Why on earth did these morons decide to just burn down the places they failed to rob? If you’re going to commit crimes, at least use your brains, you’re bound to get caught doing something like that.”

“Arson can easily turn into indiscriminate murder, frankly the death penalty wouldn’t be inappropriate!”

“Send them off for Fukushima core labour!”


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