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Going to Akihabara makes him a scumbag ? nice trolling attempt.

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  • Japanese “Sexless Because of Anime & Manga”:
    And every crime under the sun can be attributed to each race. Are you this fucking intelligently dishonest 21:24 that you’d think most of the most damnable offense lie solely on the white male/race because if you have never done any fucking history what so ever, you’ll realize the human race as a whole is a fucked up species and you are nothing but a fucking disgusting cunt and 09:16 holocaust deniers are point blank retarded.

  • Genei Ibun Roku FE “Censored”:
    No, you’re whats wrong with the gaming industry if you don’t like a particular content vote with your wallet, do not tell other people what they can and can’t watch/read/play fuck you, you fucking piece of shit garbage.

  • “Ultimate Sega Quality”: $50 For PSO2 HDD Wipes:
    Duel booting,wine virtual machine, now stfu.

  • 2ch Hacked:
    It’s funny because you’re here to, if it does happen, I hope the FBI, knock at your door, first for being a dumb cunt.

  • Top 25 Most Entertaining Anime of Summer 2013:
    Blood LAd number 20…………WTF! it should be in the top ten what the fuck is it doing at number 20!


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