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Going to Akihabara makes him a scumbag ? nice trolling attempt.

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  • “Ultimate Sega Quality”: $50 For PSO2 HDD Wipes:
    Duel booting,wine virtual machine, now stfu.

  • 2ch Hacked:
    It’s funny because you’re here to, if it does happen, I hope the FBI, knock at your door, first for being a dumb cunt.

  • Top 25 Most Entertaining Anime of Summer 2013:
    Blood LAd number 20…………WTF! it should be in the top ten what the fuck is it doing at number 20!

  • CG Loli Arrest “Japan’s First”:
    Okay, so I see “why” he was arrested, he took a real photo and reproduced it with CGI and sold the CGI, so in take, I don’t know how “realstaic” the CGI photo was but this means he tried to loophole his way through the law and redistribute CP he had, which in turn kind of give the police right to arrest him, this news is missing some serious part but either way they arrested someone for 2D is going to be additional ammo for that shittey bill. on Another note:- I’d like to point out to all the …

  • CG Loli Arrest “Japan’s First”:
    The minute you start attacking people for fiction is the moment you go full retard, anontard.


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