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The ultimate goal is to increase supply and make it a buyer’s market. Just came back from the AKB48 cafe in Akihabara, and seeing as how 70%+ of the customers were either JCs or JKs, I have less doubt that supply will be increasing sooner rather than later.

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  • Maid Cafe Numbers “Have Halved!”:
    “The number of maid cafes boomed, and with all the copy cat cafes their image collapsed and customers lost interest. You can find cute JKs at a normal fast food place and just go there, and you won’t get ripped off.” This is good advice!

  • Maid Cafe Numbers “Have Halved!”:
    dude, a white maid cafe would be pretty awkward

  • Maid Cafe Numbers “Have Halved!”:
    …lol, a christian. you know that jesus isn’t real, right?

  • Maid Cafe Numbers “Have Halved!”:
    Just went to the imouto cafe in akiba yesterday. Payed 1000 yen for just an ice cream T_T Still, anybody who actually lives in Japan knows that maid cafes aren’t going away anytime soon. They’re probably opening more frequently, if anything. Also, I honestly think a lot of the girls at the AKB48 cafe are more cute than some of the AKB48 members themselves.

  • Author: Hentai Ouji K-Pop Infiltration “Will Be Removed”:
    the author of this post is white and proud (you can see what he looks like on “culture japan”‘s website) also, you can tell how badly he doesn’t want the readers of this website to know that he’s white, since he censors his own name and the proper name of the “culture japan” website LOL


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