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I`m sorry I can`t read what you have written ;p

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  • Nyaruko Triggers Lovecraft Boom:
    and if you want to delve deeper children. “Yog Sothoth, he is the one in all and the all in one, being both the gate and the key” mind burn anyone?

  • Nyaruko Triggers Lovecraft Boom:
    and the key, don`t forget.. Nice to see all us mythos nerds in one forum lol

  • Goddess of 2ch: “I Have G Cup Boobs Like Nikuman…”:
    er nope, that is `real life` for you, she is a normal healthy girl, anyhow women are supposed to be soft and curvy, otherwise they resemble young boys, and I aint into that my friend. If you were lucky enough to date her, then you would more than likely find that she is a lot more `fun` than the stick thins, as she seems comfortable in her nakedness and that can only be a plus. Mind u the way you worded it, sounded like something yoda would say….

  • Nyaruko Triggers Lovecraft Boom:
    I think you mean Yogg Sothoth? Yogg saron is not of the mythos, nor is chtoon before people ask. As a longtime fan of H.P. Can`t think of a better way to market to a new audiance. Ia shubniggurath.! The black goat of the woods with a thousand young.

  • Top 25 Anime You Can’t Believe Sold This Badly!:
    just read on down the list, noooooo my Shana…..!


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