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looks visually good, but is the only male character the dude she makes out of the cat? But the mustache guy looks pervy and creepy, maybe it will get really dark.

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  • Sankarea “Sexiest This Season?”:
    you’ll see nip in that episode when its released on bd I know since I read that manga chapter.

  • Sankarea “Sexiest This Season?”:
    Rea’s father is #1 in my list of biggetst anime/manga assholes. Seriously, I don’t remember wanting to cut a couple of limbs off of an anime/manga character this much. Also, on a scene shown on pic 57 I wondered how the hell did they managed to put this much liquid into such a small kitten?

  • Sankarea “Sexiest This Season?”:
    If I had a cousin like Wanko…. I have her get me a Moanin’ Leskew (or alternatively: Please enter wanking pun here)

  • Sankarea “Sexiest This Season?”:
    She’s one fine woman. I don’t know how anyone could avoid her. Oh, right. The dad’s a creepy pedophile.

  • Sankarea “Sexiest This Season?”:
    people argue not enough lolis in an anime, people argue too much boobs in an anime, people argue there lolis in the anime, people argue no hot girls with big boobs in an anime, people want this,people want that. Not all people have the same fetish as you. dont like then dont watch, nobody gives a shit about you.

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  • Sonic the Hedgehog “Now An Alt-Left Symbol”:
    Otaku bad blood.. ;P If you pay attention, there are already people from the left answering that they did not like it! These crazy people are not sympathetic even with themselves. The only mascot of these people is a red flag with sickle and hammer .. Or rather,they do not lend as real communists ..

  • Sonic the Hedgehog “Now An Alt-Left Symbol”:
    One side has pepe the other has sonic this world.. or.. well. at least america has gone off the fuckin deep end … oh now lets all go and say Using their newest hype word “Using Sonic is Cultural appropriation” and so on..

  • Doraemon Episode “Anti-Japanese”:
    this is so drastic out of context I don’t even understand the statement.

  • Jojo Live Action Film “Flopped Completely”:
    Should have asked the Hollywood to do an adaptation of Battle Tendency instead, with Dwayne The Rock as Joseph. He’d be perfect.

  • Umineko When They Cry Hard Copy Emerges:
    Can you trust a translation to be competent when the title consists of a japanese word and a seemingly unrelated, unfinished, vague english sentence?


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