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Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

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  • Shibuya Gyaru Purge “Successful”:
    Yes, indeed. I was just injecting my opinion as a gaijin. Japan is not the place to be if you stand out…however, they certainly took their time in deciding to stamp out what they deemed to be an eyesore…seems the hesitancy of authorities to act is also a trademark of Japan. Still, like any place in the world, all cultures have their pros and cons…

  • Shibuya Gyaru Purge “Successful”:
    Worse, in the sense that it’s a lot less interesting there now. The gyaru, in my experience were not troublemakers, they just wanted to stand out, mainly by looking and dressing differently…what’s so bad about non-conformity? (Rhetorical question).

  • Shibuya Gyaru Purge “Successful”:
    I was in Shibuya in April and I do agree that the efforts to get to purge the gyaru subculture was indeed effective…it was as if I was in a different Tokyo from the one I had visited in my previous trip. They also opened a brand new department store called Hikari-e in order to rebrand the place as a family-friendly shopping attraction. It is quite sad.

  • Sexy Ascii Art “So Hot You Can’t Help Yourself”:
    When it comes to the first pic, ASCII art is “ass-y” art. Also, pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

  • AKB48 Mouth-to-Mouth Feeding “More Gross Than Sexy”:
    Whores d’oeuvres.


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