A Kirino obsessed otaku has been arrested for making death threats against author of the Ore no Imouto series, apparently angered by the favourable treatment Kuroneko has been receiving in recent volumes.

Police moved to arrest a 32-year-old unemployed man in Tokushima prefecture after he sent 10 threatening emails to Tsukasa Fushimi, the 31-year-old author of the Ore no Imouto series of light novels.

His threats included “Die, you swindler!,” “I’ll make you regret this,” and “I’ll find out where you live.”

He also sent Fushimi over 500 emails containing Photoshopped image showing him being decapitated.

He has been charged for making the threats, which he admits, explaining that “I was angry about a slight to my favourite character in the novels.”

He seems to have been an especially ardent Kirino fan (or at least a hater of Kuroneko), as he also sent an email saying he wanted to beat the author to death along with Kuroneko.

Fushimi seems to have taken the episode in his stride, as he was spotted playfully alluding to the incident in the 10th volume of the series.


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