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even when released as nendo, Nano is still getting mocked…

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  • Top 25 Anime With Superior Second Seasons:
    Personal thoughts on this list: >12. Rosario + Vampire Almost couldn’t get through the second season, that’s how bad and forced it felt to me. >11. FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST I don’t really think that one belongs onto the list. It was a reboot rather than a second season. >5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Lolwut? Endless Eight, padding set around season one episodes… nope. Who voted that onto 5?

  • Rosario Vampire Kurumu Kurono Ero-Figure:
    Maybe some wings and a tail would have been worth having. And.. wasn’t there another version with a black/white costume already?

  • Windows 8 “So Bad Microsoft Gave It 2 Moe Mascots”:
    “apparently the most loathed Windows OS since Vista” Doesn’t that just say that people didn’t mind Windows 7 compared to Vista and 8? I mean, being the “most loathed since Vista” doesn’t sound like much of an achievement. I’d go as far as to call it the most loathed Windows OS to date. At least the old ones didn’t have that severe an identity crisis…

  • “Top” 25 Worst Anime of Summer 2012:
    Lagrange 2 was the /least/ horrible one? I must have missed something there… And Tari Tari, Binbougami, Hyouka & Yuru Yuri being ranked so highly is… odd

  • Final Fantasy XIV Reborn: “Best Looking MMORPG Yet”:
    Once again I say: The graphics never were the issue people had with XIV. Let’s see if they actually made an enjoyable game this time…


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