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2013? that is too long!!!

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  • Nomura: “Final Fantasy XV is an Action Game”:
    They pretty much shifted their attention to newcomers instead of long time loyal fans of FF. After all, their sales are dropping and since “action” genre is something that is demanding for current gaming market it’s no big surprise for them to change their directions.

  • PS4 = $399:
    GJ, I had faith in Sony and obviously they’ve already won the next gen console war. However, this still doesn’t motivate me to pre-order one. I’m pretty sure they’re going to drop the price in couple of months after the first initial release. Having to buy a Vita at a full price during the first launch in Japan and straight after Sony significantly dropping the price due to low sales, I’d rather wait for a few months than pre-ordering one out of heartbeat.

  • Highschool of the Dead Rises from the Grave:
    Yes Finally! More boobs and zombies. Though really, I thought the artist dropped this series… two year hiatus is more then enough for people to forget that the series even existed. Either way, I’m really glad that they are recommencing the series.

  • Top 25 Cutest Anime Santas:
    Any random cute anime girl + cute Santa clothes = “Top XX Cutest Anime Santas”? lol

  • Robotics;Notes “Has A Cute Heroine”:
    The beginning and the end… were those reference to Steins Gate and Chaos Head?


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