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The world god only knows is one of the biggest examples of this “trend”.

The biggest fans of the series absolutely REFUSE to admit it’s sales are downright pathetic even when the sales numbers are all over the place for both seasons..

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  • Top 20 Tragic Anime With The Most Miserable Conclusions:
    Sure, but there’s a lot of people that have never watched something like Ideon to begin with. They might have seen a comment like “It’s what evangelion ripped off 90% of its material from along with the original gundam series…” but expecting them to have seen the entire thing and to realize almost all of the cast gets killed and they fail in the end so the universe ends is another matter, heh..

  • X-Overd Ferociously Sexy:
    X-overd is just a mindless grind, and guess what, your future characters are mostly the same characters wearing different clothes. Remember when Nutaku was promising stuff like Taimanin Arena and games that where just waifu junk? Yeah, now they just get the absolute trash games that aren’t even running/about to be canceled on DMM and the most vanilla stuff with generic systems they can..

  • Train Chikan Gets Off: “I Was Pickpocketing!”:
    Hmm? A lot of people in Japan have displayed their anger at the gigantic female bathrooms/private subway cars while they’re stuck in cramped ones and tiny “communal trough like” areas.

  • Sailor Moon Condoms “Protection In The Name of The Moon!”:
    Slap it on and scream out “MOON PRISM POWER!!” then realize how stupid this is and move on, while destroying any evidence you ever purchased it.

  • Taimanin Asagi 3 PV Brutally Hot:
    People die, bad stuff happens, then Asagi goes super saiyan…erhm….her demon blood takes over and she kills Black. But we’ve needed to see Black die since he cock blocked Cerberus in Dark Knight Ingrid.


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