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For once 3D > 2D. I do not know of these characters but do not like the illustration therefore 3D > 2D

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  • Sailor Moon Crystal Quite Bedazzling:
    I actually found it to be a very refreshing throwback to what an early 90′s anime is suppose to be. Both in how it is voice acted, animated, and the overall atmosphere. You can tell this takes place in 1992! Just look at the everyday clothes of the characters, and awesome spiral glasses that almost all male’s had back in this time frame. It is NOT supposed to be a new design, modern remake, hi-def masterpiece done by Shaft, PA Works, Silver Link.

  • Bashful Kirino Ero-Cosplay by Ayumi:
    Yuck. Where is the Tsun face! This is just sad looking

  • Bunny Girl Laura Bodewig Figure:
    Laura is by far the best girl in IS. And is one of my favorites of all time. Must be the German in her :)

  • Nisekoi BD Thoroughly Shafted:
    I like the actual backgrounds with the little kirakira’s all over. Lets remember Shaft did Ef before Monogatari, and Ef was in my opinion the best style. It had just the right amount of line art, shadows and geometry to add to the story, NOT replace the story

  • Kennedy “Worst Ambassador in Japanese History”:
    She is way to old and stale to be the voice of Japan for America. Does she even know where it’s located? Japan is a very unique place that many people can not understand or still hate. So it would take a very special person to be able to translate that into “American” as many American think of Japan in 2 ways. “Damn Japs, we bombed them and won the war. Screw up and commit seppuku” “Oh that pervy place where people love cartoons and little girls. Yuck stay away” We need the 3rd type that thinks …


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