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My fap-o-meter is on jizzplode.

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  • Nanoha Vivid Bathing & Battles Galore:
    It’s not lolicon anymore. Jesus Christ just look at this episode, only the old hags got any detailed close ups. None of the lolis. As expected of the anti lolicon fucking staff adapting it.

  • Nanoha Vivid Bathing & Battles Galore:
    It used to be aimed at lolicons. Now it’s not anymore. That’s all. The characters are growing older indeed, at least those who get fanservice, while they are refusing to show loli sexualization. But that’s nothing new these days.

  • Top-Heavy Shizuku Oikawa Cosplay by Noriko Ashiya:
    She is hot as hell… BUT’ER’FACE. =/

  • Fate/Grand Order CM Debuts “Fujoshi Bait” Assassin:
    Always good to see someone with brains

  • Fate/Grand Order CM Debuts “Fujoshi Bait” Assassin:
    I don’t really care if you call it “fujoshi bait” or whatever, Sammy Complex. But in all honesty, that character does not fit the assassin class. What is he? Someone from the time when Sherlock Holmes was still alive? Cause that face, and those clothes…by god those are some fashionable clothes from the 1800s (minus the modern day glasses)… No, no, just no. I can’t, I just can’t. You mean to tell me he’s an assassin? My mind is blown right now… I can’t see that character in the ASSASSIN’s …


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