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  • “My Doujinshi Only Sold 3 Copies! I Want To Die!”:
    I feel sorry. Instead of a pat, I’d give him a hug if I could. I mean… sure those aren’t that good but at least he tried, right? Besides drawing a doujin isn’t easy to begin with. There’s plenty of room for improvement, he’d get far better.

  • Puppy Torturer Hunted:
    (@anon 1:17 – forgot to log in) I can’t tell apart if I’m just feeding a troll, just felt like my elaboration is needed. Yes, I am going to say you’re almost the same as her, which is my point that we don’t need more people who is the same as her. Infact, I’m trying to understand your point of view. Are you really convinced of her life, possibly what she have gone through, or what illness she’s suffering from? Even if she did it for attention or excitement, heck, or even just to kill her …

  • Lolicon Teacher Gets 4613 Year Sentence:
    *sigh* Another lolicon teacher. Instead of doing all those maths, a “death sentence” could’ve made things simpler. …Wait, … … THAT is a hell lot of rape/assaults. ∑(OдO;)

  • Top 25 Anime of 2000-2012:
    Completely disagreeing this list. :/ It’d be fine if it’s like 2008-2012.


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