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Why do they keep putting obstructions in front of Gate-tan, is this like censorship using foreground objects?

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  • Yazawa Nico’s Birthday Still Fondly Remembered:
    Boy! You better watch your tone and stop being a cuck to your country. Real American women are the most beautiful in the world and thus the savages follow our examples and models of righteousness! Just remember, you will never be a Jap! And why would you want to be something that was beaten to a bloody pulp by our brave and victorious servicemen, who still remain and get so much yellow pussy, so much Win!

  • King Of Fighters XIV Introduces Team China:
    Should rename ‘Team Tibetan Genocide’

  • Yazawa Nico’s Birthday Still Fondly Remembered:
    Why are you not yet inside a overweight all American pussy? Or did you take your laptop with you?

  • Cocktail Prince “Alcohol Comes Alive!”:
    Finally attractive looking guys that girls would love to fuck. Instead of ugly old men or fugly losers that just stay in their parents basement just watching anime. Although the latter is to give hope to the hopeless. Which is fine, but they are the biggest shit talkers that have deep hatred for girls. In a way they are kind of like a male version of feminism, except their hatred is from not getting laid by females and for not getting enough attention from females. Thus they constantly claim it …

  • Cocktail Prince “Alcohol Comes Alive!”:
    I agree. It’s also sad that you are the few that would comment without talking trash about the page when it comes to handsome and confident characters.


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