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To each his own. If you think it’s boring, not everyone does. Internet arguments are pointless and make everyone look like assholes.

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  • Top 25 Anime You Most Wish Would Get a 3rd Season:
    Boring does not mean bad. Case and point, have you ever seen Mushishi or Texhnolyze?

  • Top 25 Anime You Most Wish Would Get a 3rd Season:
    K-On! had great closure… it definitely does not need a third season no matter how much of a fanboy I am. I’m glad to see Haruhi still atop this list however. The series ended with a cliffhanger and those of us who read the books know that the story only gets more incredible as it progresses. KyoAni is at a major loss for not continuing the anime in my opinion. And Index has too many episodes for me to care anymore, why continue? :(

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  • Rolling Girls Rolls It Down a Notch:
    I’m really enjoying this anime so far. It’s just the right amount of ridiculous – not as in-your-face ludicrous as Kill la Kill. This anime is oozing with style and interesting characters and so far seems to be pretty well put together. I hope it keeps up with this consistency.

  • Seductive Selvaria Figure:
    What a coincidence! I just finished watching Valkyria Chronicles today! That was…. a really great series. I was actually quite surprised by it.

  • Idolmaster Cinderella Girls “The Most Elegant Thus Far”:
    i’m only in it for Rin Shibuya. Here’s hoping the anime actually does her some justice (haven’t watched it yet)

  • Maki Mizugi Figure:
    Not really a Maki fan…. or Love Live for that matter… but damn that is one fine looking figure!

  • Lenfried Extreme: “She Bares All At Last!”:
    From her older pictures, it was hard to tell if she actually possessed and form of genitals. I guess now we have an answer!


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