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K-On! easily wins out in popularity contests it seems even in NA. I personally didn’t really enjoy it so much, especially when I noticed it didn’t really concentrate on music. I really liked Beck for the music, and even enjoyed more DMC than K-On! on many levels.

Bakemonogatari was very unpopular at our anime viewings in our anime club. I enjoyed it, but very few did.

Ore no Imouto was generally very well received. Nothing much to say, except that I enjoyed it ^^

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was great, but not a masterpiece.

Only show worthy of possibly being named in a top 50 of 2000-2012 (that’s mentioned in this list) would maybe be Ano Hi Mita Hana.

I want more Ghost in The Shell already!!!!!!!!!

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  • Top 25 Anime of 2000-2012:
    Most on the list has loli and tsundere heroin. zzzzz

  • Top 25 Anime of 2000-2012:
    lol 2000-2012? i think there are mostly titles from 2008-2012…. yea no GitS SAC… Samurai champloo is also very good anime theres no Macross or other very good animes

  • Top 25 Anime of 2000-2012:
    This list was mistitled. Top 25 Moeblob anime of 2000-2012. Afterall, most of the otaku who vote on these lists are B Type. For us who are A Type, we know whats good for us, and they know whats good for them, while cringing at their choice in anime.

  • Top 25 Anime of 2000-2012:
    monster = overrated boring show

  • Top 25 Anime of 2000-2012:
    FMA and Death Note aren’t on here probably because it wasn’t an ORIGINAL anime (it was manga).

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