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Totally Agree, but a least K-On is not on the first place and that makes me happy.

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  • 10 Steps for Making a Hit Anime:
    This step list is not for making a hit anime, is for making another crappy “onahole anime”. Whats an onahole anime? It’s an anime that serves one unique purpose, releasing your social and sexual frustrations. But eventually, you realize that this kind of animes are simple objects without a hearth. Just like an onahole

  • “China’s Secret” – China Copies Sexy Lingerie:
    Tomorrow news: Exploding chinese lingerie kills a model and 15 creepy otakus that were stalking her.

  • “Outrageous!” – K-ON! Movie Denied Top Academy Award:
    This guy was a little harsh with his comment, but he has his point. I aggre with the fact “Your favourite anime doesn’t has to be the best anime” and I partialy agree with the fact “The acadamy must have their reasons to not to give the prize to K-On”, because I think they must have their reasons but I can’t imagine what kind of reasons do they have. And in the specific case of K-on, the usual anger you feel when your favourite anime is “attacked” is multiplied to nfinite by a legion of fans. …

  • Top 50 Most Overrated Anime:
    Sure! but there are a lot more overrated animes that doesn’t appear on the list.


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