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I love it! The art style is different from everything else airing and it has that old school feel to it. The redline people are a good fit for the new series.

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  • Shingeki no Kyojin Shocks Fans:
    If they were real fans, they wouldnt be shocked. It all happened in the manga quite some time ago… They must have meant viewers in general. I was shocked by the great animation quality in some of the random moments, but that was it. Its a great show from a great manga.

  • North Korean Launch Control Quite a Sight:
    How old are these pix? NO way Japan’s base is that outdated… I call BS on this whole thing…

  • Kirino Fan Arrested for Threatening Ore no Imouto Writer:
    Why are there so many mental cases in Japan threatening people who make works of fiction for entertainment?! What kind of life did he have to have to be that screwed up?! There are jobless people everywhere and no one outside Japan is trying to kill animators, mangaka, movie makers, or writers… Japan I love and question you quite often… Who gets that attached to 2D characters?! I create characters for a living and I dont EVER get that attached to them, much less anyone else’s. PS: Kuroneko …

  • Schools Ban Judo Throws & Matches: “It Isn’t Judo Now!”:
    Wait… they stated basketball as deadly?! I NEVER heard anyone being killed in bball… sprang ankle maybe? Nothing serious…

  • Korean Living Dolls “Too Creepy” “Pure Uncanny Valley”:
    Those are gorgeous! The detail is amazing… It reminds me of going into a wax museum and seeing statues that look so real you would almost think they were the people, but they’re not moving. I’d love to hear the price. It’s gotta be super expensive to have one. Heck, it makes me wander what you’d do with them? Would you collect them like anime figures all around your room? (Im sure if they’re real dolls you “bang them”) but how the crap would you hide them if you have company? Really, they …


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