Sora Aoi Strokes It Live on Stage in China


Top Japanese porn star Sora Aoi’s popularity in China continues to inflate, with the AV celebrity gamely exposing herself stroking away for all to see during her latest appearance before Chinese crowds.

In support of her appearance in “The Second Dream” (第二夢, as seen in her writing), she was showing off her calligraphy to an appreciative audience, although they could also have just been captivated by her cleavage-exposing dress:


The trailer:

Such is her popularity in China that after the Chinese government banned Twitter for allowing unwholesome excesses of truth, she obliged her many mainland fans by opening a Chinese language microblog on the more safely oppressed Sina Weibo.

It seems to have paid off – China’s state media now discretely calls her a “Japanese media personality” in English and “sexy talent” in Japanese, politely ignoring the continuing appearances in hardcore pornography for which she is best known.

The mysterious popularity many Japanese AV performers enjoy in China still puzzles many Japanese – although given that the Chinese government bans the domestic creation of pornography and for some curious reason does not extend its massive Internet censorship infrastructure to cover copyright infringement online, it is not hard to see from whence their popularity spurts.

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