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Meguca and HomuHomu on the big screen this fall. Must ready myself for when the season comes.

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  • Kill la Kill Naked Climax:
    I love how Satsuki became a very loving older sister to Ryuuko. Satsuki had very beautiful long hair but the turn out is absolutely cute. This was a very enjoyable show with such a heartwarming end. I will have to check Gurren Lagann and look forward to more from Trigger. Thanks Trigger for a great winter and spring anime experience.

  • Kill la Kill Naked Near Climax:
    Let me be the first to comment on this most recent episode. …Lovely, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Delicious Satsuki legs.

  • Sakura Trick Passionate Yuri Anime:
    This show is just oozing with that blood sugar saturation cuteness and then added a high heart rate risk with the yuri level, which increases every episode.

  • Kill La Kill Sexy Bathtime Groping Anime:
    Satsuki is really cute at her most vulnerable. When it comes to fanservice in this show, Kiryuuin Satsuki is the best.

  • Top 10 Most Noteworthy Novel Illustrators of 2014:
    Now these are the kind of lists I like. A set of artist I can browse their beautiful works. It’s hard to say a favorite but I definite will be looking through kantoku’s art first cause of that cute picture of Mai. Look at that tail! X3


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