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*Checks SanCom* … *Checks date*

Not sure if serious.

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  • Behold the Future of Final Fantasy Tactics:
    don’t be fooled, this is actually more “All the Bravest” than it is Tactics. you can choose your characters to have in your party, and where they should stand… and your characters have levels and potentially multiple abilities… that, and the grid is the only thing they took from Final Fantasy Tactics. the rest is FF ATB.

  • KIA: Cops Chase Drunken US Sailor Off Building:
    my first thought was that the guy somehow got himself locked out on his balcony. perhaps didn’t speak Japanese, so couldn’t explain his predicament to anyone … being drunk and franticly, unsuccessfully trying to explain yourself can look very similar. there’s usually a lot of shouting either way… then add policemen aiming guns at you.. policemen you can’t explain yourself to… … or policement that have too many experiences with “bad american murder-sailors” just deciding that it’s easier …

  • Haganai Movie: “They Aren’t Even Trying!”:

  • Haganai Movie: “They Aren’t Even Trying!”:
    this is true for america and europe as well though… Just look at the War-Z movie. “we wanted to distinguish the movie from the book, so we made the zombies fast.. and we wont be using any of the scenarios from the books either” THEN WHY CALL IT WAR-Z!? NOW IT’S JUST “GENERIC ZOMBIE MOVIE”!. *ahem* … so yeah. half-assed.

  • Delivery Health Teacher Busted: “Not All Of Them Are Fake!”:
    She was a teacher, not a banker ;-)


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