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sigh……. I used to think like you anons, until I actually got the nude course. we pretty much got models (male/female) that will give you a counter-boner.

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  • Even More Practice Makes Perfect:
    ahhh… that’s nice, even hobbyist have an industry to look forward to. in my country animation/comics/etc are practically dead. So not just hobbyists but even us in art schools who are trying to make it into a profession won’t have an industry to look forward too. So all the students just take film/video as their major, cuz indie films are the fad these days. and the cycle goes on and on. so yeah everyone ends up being free lance and doing indie comics etc so everyone becomes a madao animation …

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  • Hakase Nendoroid:
    Hakase Hakase Hakase !

  • Aya Hirano: “My Boobs Get Bigger Yearly”:
    She’s wearing a dress that gives you the illusion of her having boobs. I think she’s just saying this, so next year when she gets implants, she’ll just say ” I told you they’ve been growing ” she’ll have a valid alibi. just do JAV already i’m out of vodka

  • Top 30 Tales Characters:
    Where is my Chloe Valens !!!??

  • Air Gear Ends:
    I agree, its even pathetic that OhGreat tries so hard to substantiate all the shit that was going on with all the physics behind it just to give a sense of realism. yet I was still reading it weekly for years. the characters we’re probably the one that got me going(besides the amazing art). the story doesn’t even have to matter anymore. That’s how well he portrayed the characters and maybe the only part of the manga kept “Real” (Except for the Omaha part) read it and you’ll understand. and for …

  • Top 25 Anime of 2000-2012:
    you guys forgot Monster


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