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  • US Live Action Sword Art Online TV Series Announced:
    MICHAEL BAY EXPLOSIONS!!!11!!1one Kirito’s unique ability will be dual explosions, and star burst stream (or whatever it was called) will litterally be a giant laser of a star breaking down and colapsing targetted at his enemies.

  • Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru Full of Cute Girls:
    Didn’t basically everyone in Neptune Rebirth 3 spend the entire extra chapter insulting free to play, about how its ruining everything, with the mobile people brainwashing people draining them of all their money?..

  • Shimakaze Ero-MMD Dances Delightfully:
    But does she prove shes the fastest?

  • Brave Witches PV Cheekier Than Ever:
    These girls don’t seem to have as large of a variety of Not-Pantsu as the previous girls had; most of them seem to be the swimsuit kind that the Japanese witches had.

  • Obama to Japan: “I Will Not Apologize For Hiroshima!”:
    Seeing all the retards in the comments talking about how they support the SLAUGHTER OF TOWNS FULL OF CIVILIANS, decimating the land for generations, because IN A TIME OF WAR, the japanese attacked a MILITARY STRONGHOLD. It honestly makes me wish more events like 9/11 would happen to the US, since they don’t seem to care about the lives of civilians. After all, they cheer and televise when they go out and murder people, because “MERICA”…


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