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Put putting kids in danger for just to train judo, which most of don’t even want to do is really dumb.

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  • Higurashi Himatsubushi Sleuths About:
    No puppet

  • Berserk BD “Now With Nipples & Less 3D CG!”:
    Yes, thanks for the correction English isn’t my native language. One thing is for sure, That they are afraid of the 2nd season being a flop and they only trying to sell the series on nudity and gore and less about the story itself.

  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    I’d rather they not do that… Even though I own multiple consoles, I honestly have more respect for nintendo than those other two… they’ve really become way more of the big-ass, faceless, heartless, mcdonalds-like corporations than Nintendo ever has. And I find their hardware to be way more reliable than the other two’s on average.

  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    i thought i was the one being humorous… and any comments about prefering little girls over adult girls is actually more likely to get upvoted around here

  • Top 20 Anime Songs Sung by Women From 2000:
    I agree but be careful saying that around here… its no longer cool to both be sexually attracted to women and also see them as human beings anymore.


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