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i have seen a lot of fetishes… but armpit fetish is probably the greatest joke of a fetish.

nothing against you …. i just had a “spontantenous sankakureading backlash”

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  • To Love-Ru Darkness Sucks Hard:
    ‘Cuties’? More like cooties.

  • Date A Live 2 Busty Onsen Bathing:
    I never really noticed that spirits had those in their eyes. but anyway, I rlly appreciate EVERYONE here who tried to help me notice, and that person who pointed it out for me. Srry i’m bad at noticing these things..

  • Date A Live 2 Busty Onsen Bathing:
    I wanna see Kurumi! A WILLING anti-heroine who I’m sure would have banged Shidou like a drum if the other girls gave him the chance.

  • Date A Live 2 Busty Onsen Bathing:
    Obvious spoilers 00:28 anon, Look at her pupils, you know the white “dots/ovals” that the rest of the spirits have in their eyes? (except Kurumi clones) Origami has them in that picture which is a tell tale sign that she has become a spirit.

  • To Love-Ru Darkness Sucks Hard:
    No he is not The One. The only harem ‘owner’ who shall remain a childless virgin forever… What waste.


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