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@16:29 If I was speaking english, I wouldn’t say Kawaii in the middle of a sentence as most people wouldn’t understand what I just said, not because it’s taboo. I do say cute in the middle of a sentence though, since I’m speaking english.

If ever I actually learned how to speak japanese, I’d more than gladly say kawaii since I’d hopefully be speaking with others who can speak the language.

I also only would only ever say moe if I was refering to a specific anime stereotype, so I agree with @zad1111 that people say it too freely now with anything cute. If a clutsy cutesy girl was in this commercial, sure I’d say it’s moe. Or if she was a tsundere type who acted dismissive when she bumped into that guy but secretly was in love with him, sure she’s moe. Showing a girl turn into a woman through several stages in life, that’s cute and rather touching, but not moe.

I have a few friends who also watch anime as well. The one says stuff like ‘sugoi’, ‘kawaii’, ‘genki’, etc. and I find it just annoying more than anything. It’s not like I would say ‘comment ca va’ to an english person or go ‘c’est beau’ mid sentence. Although I speak french, I stick to one or the other when speaking otherwise I’ll be accused of being franglais.

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