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Fractale was the shit!

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  • Atelier Ayesha Dumps Kishida Mel & 2D Events:
    I dont see why people would hate kishida mel art… but this is gust for every major Atelier game they release they change artists… this is normal <_< if anyone owns atelier chronicles they should understand better seesh…. and understand each series by their tradition should only last for 3 games Salburg has Marie Elie Judie Gramand has Viorete, Liesse and Annie IIRC Iris 1,2 and 3 Mana Khemia, 1 and 2 (spin-off of a spin-off) Ar Tonelico (like Mana Khemia 1,2 and 3) Arsland Meruru, …

  • Atelier Ayesha Dumps Kishida Mel & 2D Events:
    Does it look 3D?

  • Atelier Ayesha Dumps Kishida Mel & 2D Events:
    NISA should be commended for leaving the JP audio track but they are also a bunch of two faced liars who intentionally rewrite text and are a prime example of the cancer that’s infesting the English JRPG genre.

  • Atelier Ayesha Dumps Kishida Mel & 2D Events:
    Out in Japan on April 12, I believe.

  • Atelier Ayesha Dumps Kishida Mel & 2D Events:
    For the same reason other people hate other things. Because they don’t like it and see people compliment it too much for their tastes.

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    This anime dont have a fucking head or feets, firts troll the princess, the nub left die some girls, pass only 3 chapts and become more pro to the Expendables lol, all hated, all like, ruined lots of yuri scenes, the mc appear and nobody know so is a Rito or a Dandy…..and know they escape but “obviusly” nobody know when the 2 go “obviusly” they think to nobody knows…….so the next chapter we see a dead sure.

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    Not imgs of Mikado sensei? fuck you. Pd: Toloveru is about delicius girls, boobs, and the most metrosexual male prota who never see.

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    Poor flatstards, Good luck to thats “BAD GENS”, “skateboards”, “sad plains”, “dvd from side”, how can you have the sensation to touch a flatchested? kiss your knee XDXDXD.

  • Sensational Inori Cosplay by Usakichi:
    Good cosplay, sub par photos.

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    That’s why you can’t find it anywhere.


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