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  • Jormungand Totally Ripped Bikini Anime:
    What is this? I don’t even…

  • Odorigui Outrage: “Eating Animals Live is Not Cruel!”:
    “Delicious. Sashimi is Japanese culture. Japanese who say they couldn’t eat this are just ethnic Koreans.” “This is how those Koreans eat octopuses. Some ethnic Korean probably imported the practice here.” These mad me lol. Octopus in dish above has brain removed and is indeed only nerves reacting to acids/salts in sauce. I’ve seen a documentary which made a fuss about a Korean dish in which the octopus still had brain and they swallow it whole followed by rice wine.

  • Puppy Torturer Hunted:
    Retribution is the only true justice. Don’t let moral fags tell you otherwise.

  • Femen Nude Guro Protest Against Islam:
    グロ? I missed that part, unless you’re referring to the one heifer to the right in image 7.

  • Shoko-tan Exposes Nipples on Blog:
    Thought process as I scrolled: pic 10 – “Kinda near the back end there (゜-゜)” pic 11 – “I think she enjoys the smell?” pic 12 – “Indeed…”


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