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… a bowel movement?

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  • Cute Alvis & Lavie Figures:
    try not to color it black when you’re here. for the most part of the people here don’t stalk kids irl.

  • Cute Alvis & Lavie Figures:
    LOL…take it easy with your list-o-mania. I’ve seen the show & it’s not really a pedo-friendly show. That wasn’t my point to begin with. I’m saying this figure set looks like a Pedo Stalker’s idea of a perfect afternoon.

  • Cute Alvis & Lavie Figures:
    Introducing NEW -Life Size- Models

  • Cute Alvis & Lavie Figures:
    Should it come with a sticker with the caption “Rub Gently”? (Arrows pointing in a few specific locations.)

  • Cute Alvis & Lavie Figures:
    -And Claus Drooling all over Alvis. Crispin Freeman’s Famous words: “What do YOU plan to do with her?” Claus seriously thinking about saying it, but says this instead “Protect her. (With my body)”

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  • KonoSuba 2 Luxuriously Comical:
    I have really had a hard time to start watching this season! The art is awful! I have been reading the translated novels and I was really looking forward to seeing it animated but this is the worse damn art ever! First season art was great now it’s total shit!

  • Chaos;Child Murders Relentlessly:
    This just disgusted me. You have to be a real twisted sick fuck to have an Innocent young child murdered in any type of show! Children being murdered especially in a gross way as this the author needs to have there damn head examined! It does not matter if it’s 2D or not but a sudden change from adults being murdered to a child is just too demented! Anyone that has had a child lost would have a trauma from this! This is one taboo that should never be touched! The author of this show needs to …

  • Maid Dragon Stacked With Bikini Antics:
    there are only eight divines

  • Prisma Illya 3rei BD Incredibly Moist:
    I’ll be at your door tomorrow the morning with handcuff, pedo-nerd

  • Prisma Illya 3rei BD Incredibly Moist:
    go suck your nuts Mundo


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